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Welcome to If you are here because you have a drug or alcohol problem, or someone you know does, please read this entire message as it contains some powerful information that could save your life.

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First and foremost: there is hope for you.

Millions have suffered with addiction and alcoholism, and millions are today recovered, living productive, happy lives. Careers and relationships blossom in sobriety, new opportunities come as drug and alcohol related issues fade over time!

For the addict or alcoholic, life often seems overwhelming. There are often multiple issues involved, and depression is common. As isolation occurs, you might feel there are fewer and fewer answers and that you are all alone…

The good news is that you do not have to keep suffering.

Take the small step right now and speak with a professional who understands the pain and suffering you, or someone close to you, is unnecessarily enduring right now. We have helped tens of thousands of people just like you. Yes, you are NOT alone. Your situation is not unique and there are people with answers, with the expertise to help you recover, no matter what your personal circumstances are right now…

There’s a counselor on standby right now. Take a minute, pick up your phone, and give us a call. We promise: there’s no judgements here. Only understanding. We know how to listen, and we are happy to answer your questions, offer guidance and more.

Help is here, but only when you’re ready. The key is finding information, knowledge and hope. We are ready to share that with you, at no cost, whatsoever.

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